Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Film Post--Animatic version 5

Learned how to do a few more things this weekend with Storyboard Pro. Now that I'm understanding the thinking behind the program's workflow, creating shots is easy. This version of the animatic has a change with the camera traveling through the keyhole. I combined a layer transformation (for each side of the keyhole) with a zoom into the guy, Lucius. (Yes, I've decided the dude's name is Lucius and the woman's name is Honey. OK, I admit it, I borrowed those names from "The Incredibles." It's just for reference purposes so why not copy?) This would've been a pain to do in After Effects but took a fraction of the time in SBP. And that was the whole purpose of buying SBP, to make the digital part easier so I could concentrate more on the creative stuff.


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