Friday, February 19, 2010

A New Attitude

One thing that I miss about Bill Plympton's School of Animation is the weekly deadlines. I knew it was important to have something to show every Wednesday. Even though I missed a few Wednesday deadlines, I was constantly working towards that goal.

Not so now! I haven't totally slacked off on my next project, but I don't feel that same sense of urgency.

So I've developed a new attitude and approach. The deadline for completion for my next film, currently titled "Toys vs. Boy," is July 1. In order to meet this deadline, I will be posting the latest work—character designs, energy sketches, animatics, pencil tests, background paintings, etc.—on this blog. I will also be posting the latest work at the Plympton School of Animation, First Class Facebook page which will hopefully generate much-needed feedback from my former classmates.

In addition, I will also be posting the latest work of the graphic novel I'm working on called Chalk Outline Man, a collaboration with playwright B. Walker Sampson.

The "Toys" posts will be made every Sunday and the Chalky posts on Wednesday. I intend to have lots to look at so get ready!

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