Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post-Plympton Project

(I have a thing for alliteration.)

Now that I've completed Bill Plympton's class, it's time to put what I learned to use. I also want to put to use what I learned from the Richard Williams class that I took in 1998! Last century, last millennium! Yeah, it might be a good time to dig those notes out, dust off the book and start drawing.

As I reviewed the Williams notes and book, it occurred to me that there are many animation exercises that I've never done. Particularly, walk cycles. One of my first walk cycles had the left arm and left leg moving together instead of oppositely! Nice. But I must have recovered from that silly mistake to draw this:

Not exactly a smooth walk, but it's something!

Williams thoroughly analyzes all kinds of bipedalism. I really wanted to execute his exercises to learn how they're done. But I didn't want the exercises taking away from creating my next film. So I'm combining the two goals into one: the walking exercises will be made into a story! Simple solution. This way I'll get the experience of drawing humans walking, running, jumping, etc. and will have a completed film for distribution.

There's no time to waste!

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