Friday, January 22, 2010

Calls of the Wild Premiere with Women in Animation

Last night I had the pleasure of showing my film, "Calls of the Wild," to a small group at the Show & Tell event sponsored by Women in Animation in NYC. And I couldn't have imagined a better response!

First, the women were very friendly from the moment my companion and I walked into the room. This may sound minor, but often members of organizations are cliquish and downright unfriendly. Not these ladies; they immediately introduced themselves and were approachable.

Second, they reacted to "Calls" enthusiastically and supportively. They were effusive in their praise and offered constructive criticism. This was true not only with my film, but with all of the works shown that evening.

I look forward to continuing my association with WIA and to their future events. I think any woman living in the NYC-area who's interested in any aspect of animation should join and participate in this group. There are a lot of talented female animators and WIA appears to be a great support system.

Just more incentive to work hard to get my next projects done. Because that's what it's all about, getting our work out there!

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